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5 Best Hair Oil’s For Hair Growth

Everyone wants thick and wavy hair. But can we get them? Every other person around us is troubled by the problem of hair fall, baldness, dandruff, thinning hair or falling hair.

There was a time when people living in villages used to have black hair even after they were 70 or 80 years old. There was no problem of dandruff in his hair, nor did it break easily. Behind this was hidden in his healthy diet and lifestyle. They used natural hair oil, which was not prepared with any chemical based formula.

Even today, from avocado to argan, there are many hair oils that are extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits. All these hair onion oil for hair fall help in giving a healthy boost to the hair. Even if you are struggling with the problem of dryness of hair, weakening of the roots, breakage, split hair.

Natural oils nourish and strengthen the hair from the roots and help in improving its texture. Natural oils also give enough moisture to the scalp, which helps in removing the problem of dandruff. Use can also try the organic hair onion shampoo for dandruff problems.

That is why in this article I will give information about 5 natural hair oils. Applying these hair oils to the hair can help in giving adequate nourishment to the hair.

1. Onion Oil
Onion oil is one of the most popular hair care products. Lauric acid is found in large quantities in Onion oil. It is a type of saturated fat.

In a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, scientists found that the lauric acid found in onion oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the hair roots to repair damaged hair.

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2. Olive Oil
Like coconut oil, olive oil also nourishes by penetrating deep into the hair roots. Very few oils have the ability to nourish in this way.

According to the study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, the monosaturated fats found in olive oil are one of the main reasons for its ability to nourish and strengthen hair by going deep inside the hair roots.

Olive oil helps in giving enough moisture to the hair. It also helps in protecting the hair from dryness due to change in weather. A few drops of olive oil in the hair can really do wonders.

3. Argan Oil
Argan oil is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”. This oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree found in Morocco. In the past few years, the popularity of this oil has grown rapidly. Argan oil is now being used to treat all types of hair. Whether it is sticky hair, or dry and falling or breakage hair.

Argan oil has the property of conditioning the hair. It has a lot of properties of essential fatty acids, it helps in making hair more manageable.

4. Jojoba Oil
A lot of liquid wax and essential fatty acids are found in the seeds of a plant called jojoba. All these things have rich properties of moisturizing the hair.

Due to these properties, jojoba oil has been used in shampoos and conditioners for a long time. Jojoba oil helps to restore lost shine by softening dry, weak and brittle hair. It also helps in controlling dry scalp and the problem of dandruff or dandruff.

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5. Avocado Oil
Like nuts and seeds, avocado is also the best source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in dealing with the problem of hair loss when taken as a supplement.

However, it is not yet known whether applying oil rich in vitamin E to the scalp increases hair growth or not. But avocado oil has been used for years to repair breakage and breakage.
It also helps in increasing the moisture in the hair. Many people also like to mix avocado oil with honey and egg white and apply it as a hair mask.


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