5 Hacks that Can leverage up your Startup

5 Hacks

Think again if you believed a VPN was solely useful for securing your private data from hackers. Here are some unexpectedly helpful VPN tips, tricks, and hacks internet users like you can take advantage of beyond cybersecurity, from accessing geo-restricted websites when traveling overseas to getting cheaper discounts on plane tickets. This blog will also tell you about a VPN that many startups have personally used over the years.

Not familiar with VPNs? Here’s a Quick Definition

A VPN is a practical digital tool you install on your computer or mobile device, usually as software or an app. It establishes a secure connection between machines online, like an internet inside an internet.

When activated, the VPN routes your internet connection through a server of your choice anywhere in the globe to encrypt your data, anonymize your online activity, and protect things like your web searches, passwords, credit card information, and personal information from viruses and hackers.

5 Hacks that Can leverage up your Startup

Below are the 5 hacks which can help any startup for leveraging:

  1. Startups can watch Free streaming TV Networks from other Countries

To stay current, many TV networks worldwide provide free streaming TV on their websites. The main drawback is that most of the time, viewers must be physically present in the nation of origin. Want to watch original programs from the BBC in the UK, ABC in the US, and Lifetime in the US. No issue using a VPN. Over the past few years, many startups have put their trust in Ivacy VPN as it is secure and faster in terms of searching and browsing. That’s why we suggest you get Ivacy VPN.

  1. Startups can unblock geo-restricted e-commerce sites

Nothing is more annoying than being prevented from accessing your preferred e-commerce site while traveling. For instance, the EU’s GDPR privacy regulations are likely to blame if something occurs to you traveling through Europe.

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Consider ModCloth, an American online store of women’s apparel with independent and vintage influences that is not available to anyone in the EU. When you attempt to access their website from France, you receive the notification in the image below. You are unable to even look at their items. You recently saw this irritating notification. That’s why Ivacy VPN can help you block these notifications and messages.

  1. Startups can unblock geo-restricted news websites 

It makes sense to look up the latest news when visiting Europe from the US. Unfortunately, according to GDPR privacy restrictions, several news websites, specifically US news websites, are also restricted in the EU. When purchasing online at companies that employ dynamic pricing to upsell you, Ivacy VPN can help you save money.

Most individuals expect to pay the same amount for the same goods or services as everyone else while purchasing online. It’s not always the case like that. Online retailers are aware of your precise location and surfing history because of the sophisticated design of the Internet, wireless networks, and Internet Protocols. Some internet retailers utilize this data to adjust the pricing in real time, asking you to pay more for the same goods. “Dynamic pricing” is the name given to this method.

  1. How to hack dynamic pricing for Startups

Hide any traces of your personal information, browsing history, and, in certain situations, your location before a website’s bots can access this information. This is the key to hacking “dynamic pricing.”

Unfortunately, most dynamic pricing-using online retailers and services are not very transparent about their methods, so unless you use a VPN, you won’t be able to tell whether it’s occurring to you. Sites can no longer detect information about you once Ivacy VPN is enabled. Dynamic pricing was probably being used if you see cheaper costs at this stage.

  1. How does a VPN work to save you money for startups

By connecting to a different server anywhere in the globe using a VPN, you may alter the IP address of your device so that the e-commerce websites you visit only see the server’s location, not your actual location. Additionally, a VPN separates your identity from the websites’ monitoring cookies, preventing them from tracking your internet surfing and buying habits.

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Nothing is 100% certain because outcomes depend on several factors, including location, connection, the purpose for which you intend to use Ivacy VPN reseller Program, and many more.

5 Hacks For instance, sometimes one VPN works but not another if you want to use a VPN to access Netflix from a different region. A VPN may function for a while before ceasing to function. We’ve tested a lot of VPNs since you have to try them all to find which ones are best for your scenario. But we recommend you choose Ivacy VPN as it’s secure and fast and has been used by many Startups over the past years.

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