Benefits of TAP Insulation for Your Austin Property

Austin Property
Austin Property

TAP insulation stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest control insulation Austin Property and provides property owners with double benefits, including energy-efficient insulation and pest control. It is similar to the method of traditional cellulose-based insulation method. Additionally, the product allows no gap between it and the attic as it retains the feature of blown-in insulation. Therefore, TAP insulation offers a jackpot to anyone who wants to secure the comfort of both insulation and pest control Austin.

What are the Advantages that a Property Owner Gets from TAP Insulation?

TAP insulation comes with numerous advantages that make every homeowner crave it. Some of the highlighted advantages are discussed below:

Thermal Benefits:

TAP insulation acts as a blanket for the residential property. The insulation contains dense fibers, which offer the prevention of airflow. Although these fibers are dense, they are light enough to trap heat and ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the year. However, people tend to feel blissful with TAP insulation, especially in winter, as during this time, the airflow from a property is the strongest, which needs the help of insulation to perform well.

Austin Property Pest Control Benefits:

Since TAP fibers include borate treatment, it acts as effective pest control for a property. As insects crawl through the insulation, the compound sticks to the insects, and when the insect consumes it, it tends to attack the digestive system making it starve to death. However, the toxicity for borate is higher for insects than for mammals, which minimizes the risk for pets and humans residing on the property.  

Acoustical Benefits:

The interconnected fibers of TAP insulation entertain small air pockets that help in the reduction of the amount of sound transferred from each fiber to the other. This, however, lowers the overall noise that comes out of a house. 

Monetary Benefits:

It has also been found in numerous types of research that TAP insulation has the potential to help property owners save up to 30% on their energy bills. By reducing the airflow that escapes from the house, it helps in maintaining a consistent temperature and allows the HVAC system to run efficiently, which in turn saves the cost of energy bills.

Final Thoughts:


Last but not least, TAP insulation is also environmentally friendly as it saves energy consumption and offers safety for the house by limiting the spread of fire, including the treatment of a fire retardant.  

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