Bruce Weber Photographer Offers Valuable Pointers For Taking Beautiful Dog Portraits

Bruce Weber Photographer
Bruce Weber Photographer

Dogs are the perfect subject for all types of photography, including portraits. Their joyfulness, unpredictability and energy can always be showcased through a delightful photograph. Bruce Weber Photographer especially loves taking photos of his golden retrievers. His love and adoration for his pets permeates all of his creative endeavors. Bruce Weber, in fact, penned a sentimental photo essay that became the lush cover story for the December 2016 issue of Vogue Italia.

Handy feature that allows the photographers

While trying to photograph dog portraits, one should try to capture the personality of their furry friend to the best of their ability. Using continuous shoot or burst mode is perfect for taking great photos of a furry friend. Active pups are unpredictable, and hence it is unlikely that one would be able to compose an ideal shot during their session. Hence, rather than sitting back and waiting for the perfect moment, it is better to take spontaneous images. Burst mode is quite a handy feature that allows the photographers to take several images within a few seconds. It will allow them to capture a dog from all angles while they are running or planning.

The most emotive dog portraits usually focus on their eyes, much like human portraits. One can use their eye to crate depth and a sense of familiarity, or even emphasize on an unusual eye color. Using a wide aperture can help enhance this feeling. However, a pup will not start posing as soon as they are brought in front of a camera. Hence, emotive portraits should be taken at the end of the photo shoot, when the dog is likely to have used up all their energy and is more relaxed.  Autofocus is not always the solution while capturing a dog portrait. One should try to use manual focus when the pup is taking a slow walk or resting. This will help in focus on the right part of their face and take sharp portraits.

A black background

Even though photographing dogs outdoors is a better idea, it is not always necessary to take such portraits outside. If one is a fan of studio photography, they can always create the ideal backdrop for these portraits indoors, as long as they have black paint, cardboard and lighting equipment.  A black background shall aid in putting spotlight on the subject, thereby creating an illusion of depth.  When working at a studio, however, one may find it difficult to light up every part of their dog’s features. The most commonly used side light technique unfortunately does not always look flattering in dog photography. Hence, it is better to use a reflector for this purpose instead. This tool will aid in casting an even amount of light on the dog and make their eyes sparkle. To gain a better understanding of how to perfectly click dog portraits, one can always check out a few works of Bruce Weber Photographer.

In addition to the obvious absence of color, what sets monochrome images apart is the resulting viewing behavior. It makes viewers observe distinguished amounts of light, rather than the typical difference in colors. Many interesting monochrome photographs make use of tonal contrast for the purpose of telling a story or representing a subject and an idea. It showcases a surreal view of the world, which makes it quite exciting to look at.

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