Complications Associated with a Legal Divorce Proceeding

Divorce Proceeding
Divorce Proceeding

A divorce is an awfully disturbing experience. The legal procedure can be Divorce Proceeding overwhelming for the spouse and their loved ones. Hiring a divorce attorney is important in such cases to avoid the tedious legal paperwork and procedure. In some scenarios, the spouses involved cannot come to an agreement on one or many issues like child custody, financial assets, property division, etc. Due to such complications, even with the help of a legal counsel, the case might get dragged to the court, and the dispute is settled within the court system. So, the best decision is to get in touch with reputed firms like Karp & Iancu, S.C.

Complications associated with a divorce legal proceedings are:-

Children’s custody: Child custody is a contentious issue. Having children involved can complicate your divorce process as it can negatively affect children. Therefore child custody and child support plans should be of primary importance and must be resolved soon. In some scenarios, parents might want a co-parenting plan where both the parents will be equally involved in the child’s life and make decisions related to the child together. 

Financial assets:

Involvement of financial assets also causes complications in the process and leads to conflict too. It can become too challenging if the spouses have enormous wealth that has to be split. In most settlement cases, the money is divided equally amongst them, Divorce Proceeding but if you feel that the division is unjust, you can ask your attorney to challenge it in court.

Existing debts:

Existing debts are a huge complication in a legal divorce proceeding. In case of such debts, either party might ask the question of who will bear the debts. Just like financial assets, the court divides the debt equally, too. If one of the parties feels that they have nothing to do with the debts and do not want to bear them, they can challenge it in court.

Spousal support:

In most cases, one of the spouses is dependent on the other. They cannot support themselves following a divorce. If the dependent spouse requests spousal support, then that adds one more complication to the case.  

No one wants an ugly divorce. Both parties shall mutually agree to settle the disputes and respect each other during the process. Complications in divorce legal proceedings often lead to mental agony and can affect your health as well. Having a qualified lawyer will lessen your problems and guide you through the divorce process smoothly.

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