Do you know the right way to apply moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important to keep the skin hydrated and healthy, but many people do not know the right way to apply oil free moisturizer. Let us tell you that there are many benefits of moisturizing the skin, which is fully available only when the moisturizer is applied properly.

Do you know the right way to apply moisturizer?

Moisturizer is used to make the skin beautiful, soft, and moisturized. This keeps the skin healthy and looks young for a long time. Oil Free Moisturizer is applied to hydrate the skin or to remove the lack of water. Moisturizer is very important for dry skin. Let us know some things related to moisturizer and what is the right way to apply it.

What is moisturizer

Applying moisturizer gets rid of lifeless skin and also removes the signs of rashes and aging on the face. It reduces wrinkles on the face and also gets rid of the problem of dry and oily skin. Moisturizer is used to make the skin soft, soft, healthy, and moisturized.

How to choose a moisturizer

Before applying any moisturizer, you should know about your skin. Some moisturizers have SPF properties which also act as a sunscreen. If you go out a lot during the day, then only apply a moisturizer with SPF. Moisturizer is also used at night.

How to apply moisturizer

The right way to apply moisturizer is as follows-

  1. First of all, wash your face with face wash. This will remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the face and the skin will be able to absorb the moisturizer well.
  2. Now take a little moisturizer on one of your fingers and apply it in small dots on your cheeks and forehead. Now spread this cream lightly with the help of fingers in a circular motion.
  3. After this, apply moisturizer in the same way on the nose, chin, and upper lip.
  4. Make sure to apply moisturizer on the parts of the face whose skin is drier.
  5. Moisturizer should not be applied to oily areas.
  6. After applying moisturizer, let it dry for one to two minutes. Apply some more on the skin only after it dries.

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