Here is the guide to the area measurement units

Land Measurement Units
Land Measurement Units

Here is the guide to the area measurement units

For the calculation of the land area in our country, there are many types of local land measurement units that are used. Despite a variety of area measure units being used all over the world, in most countries like India, many of the units have been in practice for a long time.  In this article, we will look at the land measurement units which is normally used in the different parts of India, apart from the units which are accepted globally.

How do we measure the Land Area?

When there are proper provisions being made for schools, hospitals, parks, as well as other amenities, the property will be divided into residential plots. The number and size of the plot can be taken from the layout sketch. In the case of a home resale, the description of the home will be included in the Sale Deed as well as its location.

In the case of a residential house, the area is usually measured in the form of square feet. While, in the case of agricultural land, the property area is measured in terms of acres or hectares. We need to calculate the length and width of the land that is available in order to determine the land area. 

Standard Land Measurement Units in India

The sizes will often vary from one state to another, according to the specific name of the units. Some of the few measures like Square Meters, Hectares, Square Feet, and Square Yards and Acres are very widely used in India.

  1. Square foot (sq ft)
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The square foot (sq ft) is a very commonly used land measurement unit. According to the real estate law in India, the developers will notify the area in sq ft terms. Sq ft is very often used across many countries to measure the area at the time of buying a property.

  1. Square yard

It is larger than a sq ft, as a square yard is made of 9 sq. ft. These units are widely used all over the world to measure land. In several Indian states like Haryana, the local government is using the square yard as the standard value while fixing circle rates. 


An acre is considered to be amongst the oldest land measurement units that are applied across the world to measure big tracts of land.  Acre is used in the imperial system of units.


There are a variety of area measurement units that are used to measure land. It is very important to understand the area of the measuring units. There are regional units that are still used to measure the land throughout India. There is the usage of standard measures such as Square Feet, Square Yards, Square Meters, Acres, and Hectares. The sale deed is a legally binding document that will establish the ownership of land or property. The measurement units for all the residential properties are square feet. We can also use an online land measurement converter to calculate the actual figure. Most of the agricultural areas are measured in Acres or Hectares. We can measure the actual size of the land by multiplying its length and breadth.

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