How Does PTSD Affect You After A Car Accident?

Car Accident
Car Accident

You could become a sufferer of post-traumatic street disorder once you go through a distressing situation. There is a prevalent misconception that this illness primarily affects active-duty military personnel or victims of sexual assault. However, it can also happen to civilians after car accidents.

Accident-Related Pain and Suffering

An auto accident lawyer or insurance provider may use a multiplier to determine pain and suffering damages. After calculating it, they add a multiplier to the overall amount of compensatory economic losses. In other words, the plaintiffs will earn a total of $550,000 if a severe accident occurs and the plaintiff is awarded $100,000 in non-economic damages. The multiplier for the severity of the accident is 4.5. To put it another way, they will receive the $100,000 in economic damages and 4.5 times that amount, or $450,000, for a total of $550,000.

The per diem approach is a different approach. It multiplies the number of days the victim’s injury costs on a daily basis by their wage.

Regardless of the method used, some elements are crucial when determining PTSD pain and suffering. An experienced Auburn car accident lawyer can review your PTSD case and advise on how these elements may affect your recovery.

One of these elements is:

  • Whether the person has depression or anxiety
  • Regardless matter whether the victim has a lack of appetite or sexual problems.
  • What impact the illness has on the victim’s relationships and day-to-day activities
  • How long recovery is anticipated to take
  • Your life expectancy may be shortened due to the injuries that led to your PTSD.

As these symptoms become more severe in an individual case, the likelihood of receiving PTSD pain and suffering compensation will increase substantially.

What Compensation Can You Get for PTSD?

You may receive one of the following kinds of damages:

  • Economic Damages – They are actual monetary losses that an invoice or timesheet may clearly show.


  • Non-Economic Damages – These damages are more speculative and will continue to cause harm in the future. For proof, expert testimony may be required in addition to documentation.


  • Punitive Damages – Car accidents rarely result in punitive damages. The amendments only apply if a defendant shows a very high level of disregard for the safety of others while driving.


  • PTSD-related damages – Damages should cover the cost of treatment, lost income, and loss of enjoyment of life, Car Accident

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