How to Install a Starlight Headliner

Starlight Headliner
Starlight Headliner

A Starlight Headliner is an interactive light display that has an infinite number of customization options. A customized light show can feature animation, shooting stars, and newspapers. With up to 1,600 pinpricks of light, the display is highly customized to the owner. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and comes with up to six pricks per square inch. The light display is a perfect gift for someone special or for an upcoming holiday.


A starlight headliner kit is a great decorative item that transforms any room into a night sky, making them an excellent choice for holidays, parties, and other special occasions. The Bluetooth-enabled FIREWORK Bluetooth Twinkle 10W is a good option for many reasons, including safety, long life, and reliability. However, the connection with Bluetooth can be a problem and it is best to store the unit in a dry place.

Amki’s Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner offers a variety of applications, including decorating a car, living room, or home theater. It’s flexible and waterproof, and can be adjusted to emit light in various directions and intensities. It also has an added feature called twinkle mode, which emits light that moves with music. The Amki Bluetooth-enabled starlight headliner has 16 million colors, a twinkle feature, and a RGBW LED for optimal color saturation.


In most vehicles, installing a Starlight Headliner is a relatively easy DIY project. You can find a kit for almost any make and model on the market and even install it in your home theater. However, you must use the right tools and follow proper installation procedures. First, you need to untangle the Fiber Optic cables and mark the appropriate points on the headliner. Once you have identified the points, drill holes through the headliner to insert the Fibers. Afterwards, glue the Fibers into place. You may need to cut the Fibers to their excess length.

The installation process of a Starlight Headliner begins with a project incorporating the features of the vehicle and the wishes of the owner. Once the design is complete, the specialist will install the headliner based on strict safety and reliability requirements. Once installed, the illuminated headliner will be tested and configured to work with the rest of the vehicle’s interior. Then, it will shine with colored light, twinkle lights, or steady illumination.

Battery life

The battery life of a starlight headliner is surprisingly long for a projector, but it is worth considering its versatility. The starlight headliner is portable, allowing it to be placed in various directions. Its three flat surfaces on the base allow it to be placed at various angles, while a remote control lets you change the colors of the night light, adjust the brightness, and even turn it on and off in seconds. The built-in motor delivers four speeds and a large capacity battery, allowing it to give you more than three hours of music playtime with lighting and five hours of starlight projection.

There are several types of starlight headliners on the market, with different capabilities. The Amki Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner is versatile and water-resistant. The light is adjustable and can be set to 16 million colors. Some have a twinkle feature, while others have RGBW LEDs to produce a whiter light. Regardless of which one you choose, the starlight headliner is sure to add an air of fantasy to your home.


Having a starlight headliner that can change color and brightness is a luxury in itself. Azimom’s dual port twinkle Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner is a versatile product with a 16 million color wheel. You can change its colors at will, with a fade, flash or breath mode. It is perfect for your ceiling, your car, or even the KTV. You can also change the color to match your mood, as this product is sound-activated.

This kit comes with a remote control, Bluetooth capabilities, and music effects. The wireless connection is not always reliable, so you should ensure that you store it in a dry place. This starlight headliner kit can also be controlled by a remote control or Bluetooth app. Another advantage of the kit is its water-resistant design and adjustable brightness. This makes it suitable for different events and locations. It is also a great decorative piece.


A customized Rolls-Royce Phantom has an exclusive starlight headliner. This feature first appeared in 2007 and has since doubled in size from 800 to 1,340 lights. These lights can be controlled by the car’s infotainment system. The patterns are also adjustable, and the driver can choose the brightness to suit his or her mood. Each unique pattern takes nine to 17 hours to create. Craftsmen attach the fibre optic lights using a glass glue to the ceiling, which holds the fibre optic cables to the car’s interior.

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