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What Five Experts have to Say About Measuring Social Media

What Five Experts have to Say About Measuring Social Media

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Social media’s value

I’ve been fortunate to be in marketing analytics for almost as long as the beginning of employing social media to conduct business, So whenever I see posts like Dan Zarrella’s or HubSpot’s Valuation of a Like pop up,,, I am attentive. Whether I agree or disagree, there’s always debate and criticism that contributes to and diminishes the general discussion about the measurement of social media.

On the one hand, stakeholders have to be aware of what they’re getting from social media; however, on the other hand, we must not allow critics or analysts to mislead our clients as, at the very minimum, it makes everyone’s job more challenging. It hinders the process of moving marketing forward. I refer to this as pro marketing, a variation on bioscience, well-known in the weight lifting sector.


Hire experts!

BlitzLocal Chief Executive Officer Dennis Yu, genius marketer Ian Lurie, EdgeRank expert Chad Wittman, Social Nerdia founder and Sprinklr director and strategizer Esteban Contreras, and the excellent marketer and podcast host Bob Knorpp. are all kind enough to guide me in my look at the measurement and evaluation of social media, based on their expertise and experience.


Use social media to measure


Are you able to measure the effectiveness of online social networks in a manner comparable to conventional business metrics? If yes, could you offer an example?Dennis YuDennis Yu – Yes, it is possible to assess social ROI using actual business metrics. These are ones that CFOs will be able to find useful.

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It is necessary to track interactions on social up to revenue-generating events such as sales in stores, leads, online sales, etc. Sure of these can be done on a straight basis (coupons or links and referrers). Then we perform an analysis of attribution and correlation on the impact of cross-channel interactions. For instance, Rosetta Stone saw a 6 to 1 increase in social to in-store sales. Correlation analysis is essential to determine the effect of an advertisement that doesn’t contain a click but leads to the sale later on, typically as an aid to Google and the POS.


Ian LurieIan Lurie Ian Lurie effectively measures the effectiveness of social media

across several organizations or clients because each organization interacts with its audience differently. Suppose a company “A” invests a lot of energy and effort in social media and less effort and energy in the traditional marketing aspect. In that case, that is why social media has a significant value. If company “B” prefers a balanced strategy, it might be as effective, but their typical social media connection is worthless.


The best companies consider using social networks within their particular context and avoid trying to see beyond. For instance, you can perform a value calculation by simply dividing sales that include an attribute to social by their total followers. When you’re using attribution tracking that is passable such as Google multi-channel tracking, it is possible to determine the sales that were ‘touched’ through social. This lets you determine a meager, very loose social media value.


However, all those involved, from the marketing team to the CFO

, must know that the measured value is only a tiny portion of the actual value. There isn’t a single business that understands this, even though I worked as a copywriter on direct mail pieces in the mid-1990s.

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Chad WittmanChad Wrightman – I believe that we are at an exciting period on the ROI of the social media timeline. I see social media as akin to eating healthy. What’s the value of drinking a glass of juice from oranges instead of coke? Zero. Do I have to be counting calories? Maybe I should take a look at the grams of sugar? Coke Zero is going to be the winner each time. I’m sure citrus juice would be the more beneficial option. I am aware that brands have to understand their social ROI. However, I believe that sometimes those brands who focus on the concept do not realize its true worth.


If a company has an integrated social strategy

and then decides to apply a strict standard ROI measurement to its campaign, is it experiencing an actual ROI? Sure there are many areas where I can monitor sales directly and evaluate them against ROI, but is that the complete picture. In this case, I’m just not as concerned about making sales through 100 tweets. However, I’d love to get 100 inbound links through Tweets. I’m prepared to invest in 100 inbound links using Tweets as I believe they will increase (either now or shortly) or even increase the PageRank of my website. A few executives will look at 100 tweets and inquire about what sales were generated, but I’d rather know how this impacts the results we get from social searches. When do you consider how many sales were generated by the search engine drive?


Esteban ContrerasEsteban Contreras – Companies who sell online products can trace direct attribution to social. Those who don’t will need to have a hypothesis to which they need to be willing to leap belief the same way they used to do with commercials on TV and printed advertisements. It would be best to determine the social metrics, then figure out what you can attribute to the non-social metrics (i.e., preference, awareness).

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Bob KnorppBob Knorpp It depends on your definition of trustworthy and

What you want to accomplish with your social media strategy.If you’re conducting an advertising campaign for direct marketing on social media, you can measure outcomes from CTR or conversions and, to some extent, through back-end analysis. But almost everything else you’d like to measure objectively doesn’t provide a solid metric for measuring effectiveness.

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