Here’s an excellent idea for Instagram ads


Here’s an excellent idea for Instagram ads


Instagram has made significant strides since its first appearance as a photo-sharing application in 2010. Today businesses aren’t making use of Instagram to showcase their latest designs and inspire their followers and followers check now but also a tool to increase online sales.


From snapping stunning product images and short videos on how-tos and even providing behind-the-scenes glimpses and shopping experiences in-post, there are many ways for brands to make money on Insta.


Investing in Instagram is working for companies. Over 70% of people consider brands on IG as popular, innovative, and entertaining, and Instagram advertisements and posts by brands frequently assist shoppers in finding new products and motivate consumers to purchase immediately, according to a study conducted in 2019 by Facebook IQ revealed.


Since the COVID-19 epidemic, screen time has increased, and Insta has become a preferred site for many users. In an Influenster survey conducted in mid-2020, 69% of the respondents across North America and 67% in the UK reported using IG more frequently than before the pandemic.


Instagram provides various ad products that include video ads, photo ads, stories, carousel ads, shopping advertisements, and many more. While ads are classified as “sponsored” since the brand is paid to promote them generally, they look like regular posts and seamlessly integrate into the user’s feed.


Here’s a look into some ways that companies use Instagram to tell their story and make their products more visible.


Instagram advertisements

Athleisure brand Athleta promotes its merchandise on Instagram by presenting fitness videos, inspiring stories, and pictures of customers sporting Athleta fitness and loungewear. Athleta regularly makes photos that feature simple, stylish photos with catchy and engaging messages that connect with their customers. Their most recent campaign for joggers includes the “Shop Now” button to browse their selection quickly to make it easier to move from being excited to purchasing the item.


Athleta typically meets many of the requirements that make successful Instagram photo advertisements. To keep your audience engaged in your ads for photos, utilize an identical color scheme and similar designed images to ensure that your brand’s aesthetic is apparent every time. This makes you instantly recognized!



British fashion label COS is well-known for its classic style and timeless aesthetic, which the brand displays on its Instagram page. COS employs various advertising formats on Instagram that include stories, images, videos, and carousel posts with multiple photos. In those posts, see the “Shop Now” button, offering users the option to buy directly from the advertisement.


Carousel ads allow brands to showcase different images with different products in one advertisement. It’s always good to incorporate a call to action, such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More,” to entice customers to take action with your brand. This could increase conversions.


Insta ads

Glossier has amassed more than three million Instagram followers click here by showing its makeup and skincare products in action through before-and-after photos and tutorial videos. The brand blends professional product photos that showcase its simple packaging designs using user-generated images.


Glossier uses video advertisements to present new products using models that demonstrate how to utilize the products. The brand follows an unchanging style to connect with its fans in all its images. Similar to photo ads, IG video ads rely on striking images. However, they provide the additional benefit of motion and sound. Videos on Instagram receive almost 50% more engagement than photographs as well as how-to video tutorials are among the most popular types.


Liberty London

The famous British department store connects the 900,000 people who follow it on Instagram by highlighting its historical location and unique items in its social media content. Liberty London embraces Instagram ads in various ways, such as Stories and photo ads to promote the latest product launches and promotions in beauty, fashion, perfume, housewares, and fashion.


Liberty London also works with influencers on Instagram through paid partnerships and sponsored content, such as an upcoming campaign with Barbour. These partnerships allow brands to access the influencer’s network and reach a larger audience. Many consumers consider influencers to be highly trustworthy, and around 50% of people will purchase an item suggested from an influential person.


Instagram ads

Travel has been infrequently stopped due to the outbreak. However, Marriott Bonvoy, the hotel chain’s rewards program, has centered its Instagram posts on travel destinations, natural surroundings, and outdoor activities. In August of this year, the company promoted an ad through Instagram Stories to announce its sales at the end of summer. The ads featured striking images of blue skies layered with simple text.


According to Instagram, it is estimated that one-third of most popular Stories that are posted on Instagram originate from businesses. More than 500 Instagram users check Stories every day. Stories can include audio, shopping features or stickers, and other elements. Additionally, they fill the entire screen of smartphones, which means the ads will get full attention.



Videos and stories are an integral element of HBO’s plan on Instagram. The network’s social media accounts share animated film clips of its original shows to announce new episodes and draw viewers to its streaming service, HBO Max. An example of this is a recent Stories commercial for the TV show “The Third Day,” which featured footage from the show interspersed with praises from the critics.


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