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Investment is an inextricable part of life, people invest in different platforms. With the change in the market, the forms of investment have also come to evolve. However, there are some areas in which investment has been made since time immemorial. Among that is real estate. This according to finance management professionals like Steven Rindner is the best form of investment; because prices never fall in this category. There is only appreciation.

Real estate is the ideal place for investment because of the low-risk factor attached to it, unlike the bonds and stocks. The other benefit one enjoys in this transaction is that an amount sum can be paid as leverage while purchasing the property. The rest of the amount can be paid off in bits along with minimal interests attached to it.

There are a few ways in which one can invest in real estate.

  1. Buying a rented property – one can choose to purchase real estate and give it out on rent. There are properties particularly available for the purpose. One may have to conduct a few renovations, apart from the money being invested to buy the build. But the returns are worth the investment; the best part of it is that the returns are recurring. It is not just for once that one can get returns from that real estate property, one can enjoy the benefits of a regular income with a one-time investment.
  2. REIG (Real Estate Investment Groups) – in this an organization builds or buys a set of apartments or condos and then gives it up for sale to investors. The sales are done through the company, this is how the individual investors become a part of the group. The company manages all the apartments that are bought; although an investor can be the owner of more than one apartment says Steven Rindner, an adept in dealings of real estate investment.
  3. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) – for those who want a diverse portfolio this is the best kind of real estate investment that they can indulge in. This involves something bigger than a company; it involves a corporation that uses the investors’ money to buy a property. This is done on a large scale. The REIT status of any corporation is maintained when it pays off 90% of its profits as dividends.
  4. Digital Real estate platforms –with the advancement of technology and the digital shift, everything is available just a click away. Also known as ‘crowdfunding’, this form of real estate investment, is without much hassle and is a way of investing in larger commercial deals. Investors are connected to projects that suit their profile and requirement. Geographic diversification is possible with this investment type.

Experts in real estate investment such as Steven Rindner thus explain that to have a diverse portfolio, including real estate investment is crucial and rather lucrative. The primary reason to make such an investment is a low risk and the high returns attached to it.

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