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Is Storm Damage Common to Homes on Hawaiian Islands?

Hawaiian Islands
Hawaiian Islands

Living in Hawaii comes with a lot of perks: beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and stunning views. But one thing that homeowners on the Hawaiian Islands must worry about is storm damage. Hurricanes and typhoons are a regular occurrence in this part of the world, and they can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses. In this blog post, we will look at how common storm damage is on the Hawaiian Islands, and what you can do to protect your home from these storms.

Are Storms Common in Hawaii?

The short answer to this question is yes, storms are very common in Hawaii. In fact, the state sees an average of four hurricanes or typhoons every year. That being said, not all of these storms will make landfall on the islands. In most cases, the storms will veer off course and head toward other parts of the world. However, there is always a chance that one of these storms could make landfall on the Hawaiian Islands, which is why it’s important for homeowners to be prepared.

What Kinds of Storms Are Common in Hawaii?

There are two main types of storms that affect Hawaii: hurricanes and typhoons. Hurricanes are typically more common in the Atlantic Ocean, while typhoons are more common in the Pacific Ocean. However, both types of storms can occur in either ocean.

What are the Chances of a Storm Hitting Hawaii?

The chances of a storm hitting Hawaii are relatively low considering the number that occur each year. In an average year, there is only a 0.14% chance that a hurricane will make landfall on the islands. However, this number does increase to about 0.33% during El Niño years. El Niño is a weather phenomenon that occurs every few years and typically results in more hurricanes making landfall in the Pacific Ocean.

While the chances of a storm hitting Hawaii are relatively low, it’s still important for homeowners to be prepared. Homeowners should have an emergency plan in place in case a storm does hit the island. 

Examples of Storm Damage in Hawaii

Since the storms in Hawaii are often powerful, they can cause lots of damage to both residential and commercial properties. Some of the most common types of storm damage include:

  • Flooding
  • Wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Tornadoes
  • Landslides
  • Mudslides 

While most insurance policies will cover some of this damage, it’s important to check with your insurer to see exactly what is and isn’t covered. Homeowners should also consider purchasing additional coverage, such as flood insurance, to make sure they’re fully protected. 

Take Action to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

Even though the chances of a storm hitting Hawaii are low, there are still steps homeowners can take to protect their property from storm damage. Firstly, you can ensure that you have the right insurance coverage in place. As we mentioned, most policies will cover some damage but it’s always best to check with your insurer. 

You can also take physical steps to protect your home, such as trimming trees and shrubs around your property and making sure your gutters are clear of debris. It’s also a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand in case you lose power or need to evacuate due to a storm. 

By taking these precautions, you can help minimize the risk of storm damage to your home. If a storm does hit, you’ll be better prepared to deal with the aftermath. Protect your property and ensure that any incoming storms only cause minimal damage. If you’re looking to move to these beautiful islands, consider Weaver Real Estate in Hawaii

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