Key Features of Apple Sport Loop Bands

Apple Sport Loop
Apple Sport Loop

Apple has upgraded its exclusive selection of watch bands along with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3 with new fall hues. The Apple watch sport loop is a thin, loop-shaped band that is sweat-resistant and suitable for vigorous exercise. The band is composed of woven nylon, which is light and breathable like Apple’s other sports bands. Because of the band’s slight stretch, flexibility is aided.

The thin band fits around your wrist with hooks and loops reminiscent of Velcro and is slightly stretchable. The bands are provided in various colors and sizes. However, supply may be limited owing to their exclusivity. Currently, fewer colors are available in the 40mm, but there are more options in the 44mm height, including red, neon, pride, sunshine, and vitamin C. If you want to upgrade your Apple watch with a new band, here are key features to consider while shopping. 


Apple’s Sport Loop for the 44mm Apple Watch is for wrists measuring 145-220mm. So you could go as high as 225 to 230mm before your wrist becomes too big using the Sport Loop. 

On the other side, if you have a small wrist and wear a 40mm Apple Watch, the Sport Loop is made for 130 to 200 millimeters in circumference. You can test a Sport Loop in an Apple retail location if your wrist size is 130mm or smaller.

Loop And Hook

The Loop band does not have a Velcro system because it opens or closes with a hook-and-loop closure. The hook-and-loop is much more than a fastener; it characterizes this entire band. The band is made almost entirely of a double-layer, finely looped nylon weave. Due to the tiny loops, this band allows for sweating while exercising and dries out easily.

One of the main concerns is that sweat can become caught under the Apple Sport Band. However, one hardly ever notices sweat when using the Sport Loop, in contrast to the regular Sport Band. The Sport Loop does seem to soak sweat and may become a little moist, but it dries off relatively soon. 


If you are considering purchasing this band, be aware that it features a loop design. You will need to glide your hand into and out of the circle to slip it on or take it off. Further, if you use a stand to charge your Apple Watch, ensure it can accommodate the band looping around it. Unlike many other bands, the Apple Watch band cannot simply have two wings protruding from either side of the watch.


There are numerous colors available for the Apple Sport Loop. The watch band’s colors were consistent on both sides when it was first introduced. These bands are now available on several other websites. Some colors, like indigo and hibiscus, are also available at reasonable prices and may be found in reputed online retail stores.


The Apple watch sport loop band is recommended in the highest regard since it is so amazingly comfortable. You can wear it with your Apple watch for a casual yet stylish look. Consider buying color styles online for affordable pricing if you aren’t purchasing a brand-new Apple Watch. This way, you can match your favorite gadget with any outfit. So, take a look at the top designs and grab the ones that meet your preference. 

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