List of the Most Distracting Websites that Must be Blocked at Work

Distracting Websites
Distracting Websites

Don’t let distracting websites drain the productivity of your employees. Implementing an Internet use policy across the organization is crucial so that employees can concentrate on their tasks. Also, it isn’t an overwhelming task to block websites at work. You can use URL blockers for Windows and Mac computers. If you are using a specific browser at work like Google Chrome and wondering how do you block a website on Chrome, go to Settings > Users & Browsers > choose the child organizational unit to restrict access for kids or the top organizational unit to restrict websites for all users > select the URL blocking option > enter the URLs you wish to block and choose Save. Similarly, you can block websites on all web browsers

Let’s look at the most distracting websites that must be immediately blocked at work to enhance employee productivity and focus. 

  • YouTube 

YouTube is a widespread video sharing and streaming platform. It is the second most popular website in the US and the world. The platform has videos of all kinds, music, news, gaming, sports, movies, etc. 

Employees can watch YouTube videos at work if it is related to their work. If it is not for work purposes, the videos on this platform can reduce employee productivity because it is difficult to stop scrolling. You won’t be able to resist the overwhelming content on the platform. For instance, if you happen to come across a funny cat video, you would want to watch more such videos, and before you know it, you have spent hours scrolling through funny videos on this platform. 

Employees watching YouTube videos is an old work problem because the platform keeps recommending more videos. These will distract you from work. Hence, the website must be blocked at work. 

Other similar streaming websites must be blocked, such as Hulu, Disney+, etc. 

  • Amazon 

Amazon is the largest eCommerce seller and ideal for shopping online. However, the website must not be used at work. If you are working and trying to finish tasks, it is not recommended to visit Amazon. The platform offers varied items, and it can take you an entire day to go through the different categories and make up your mind. A higher percentage of people admit to online shopping at work, and the number increases during popular holidays. 

Thanks to high-speed Internet and work computers, shopping online is easier and much more fun. Employees are highly likely to browse through shopping websites in the afternoon, especially when they are not challenged or feel bored. Amazon can take up a lot of productive time, so it must be blocked. 

Besides Amazon, other shopping websites like eBay, Walmart, Target, Etsy and Wayfair must also be blocked. These websites come up with lucrative offers and discounts to keep users scrolling. 

  • Facebook 

The most prominent social media network in the world is Facebook. The platform boasts more than 2.85 billion users. Many office workers quickly access Facebook during their work hours. After all, it is entertaining to scroll through one’s social media feed and look at what their friends or followers are up to. The platform also offers fascinating reels and videos to keep users engaged for several hours. While a few minutes of Facebook browsing might seem harmful, self-control is a significant problem regarding social media sites. What seemed like a few minutes might have been a few hours, and users won’t even realize it. Excessive use of social media can hamper one’s productivity and impact work. 

Facebook isn’t the only social media website that must be blocked at work. Employers must also block TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and other distracting social media sites that take away focus and hamper employee productivity. 

  • Tinder 

Tinder is a well-known online dating website that must be added to the list of websites to be blocked at work. The use of dating websites and apps during work has increased over the past years and is highly distracting. Single employees spend hours checking these dating sites at work, which takes up their time. They go on swiping right or left without giving importance to the tasks they need to finish. 

Since your workplace is for work, it is not acceptable behavior to browse Tinder or other dating apps like Match, OkCupid, etc. Once you meet someone on these platforms, you would be inclined to talk to them, which will take away your focus. Therefore, Tinder and other dating websites must be blocked. 

The Bottom Line 

These websites must be blocked at work if you want your employees to stay focused and put their best foot forward. Besides these, you can also block gaming websites like Miniclip or Addicting Games and news websites like Fox News or NY Times. Limit Internet use at work so that your employees are not feeling distracted.

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