Preparing for pregnancy


Things become easier if you prepare yourself for them, and pregnancy is no exception. If you prepare your body, yourself, and your life for having a baby, things can become easier for you. 

Moreover, preparing for the baby is important for their wellbeing as well. If your body is not prepared for the baby, it might have negative impact on their health. 

Similarly, you also need to be prepared mentally for the baby. Otherwise, parents can pass on their trauma to the baby, or not raise them properly, the implications of which can follow them throughout their life.  

So, once you decide to have a baby, you also need to prepare yourself for it. There is a lot of preparation that should go into you before you get pregnant, as your Gynecologist in Lahore will also tell you. 

Preparing for pregnancy 

Visiting your doctor 

Before you actually try for a baby, you need to get your physical health sorted. So, it is important that you visit your doctor before. Some of the health conditions can make it difficult to get pregnant or might require extra care. 

For example, diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, might cause an evaluation by the doctor first.  Furthermore, for certain health conditions, you first need to get them under control before you decide to have a baby. 

Talk to your doctor about genetic screening

Genetics is a vast field. It is not entirely understood, so there is only so much you can control. Moreover, you cannot tell for certain, as some mutations can be spontaneous. However, getting genetic screening is still a good practice. 

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It helps in preventing some diseases like Thalassemia. Hence, you and your partner should discuss genetic screening with your doctor and discuss your options accordingly. 

Have your vaccination sorted

It is vital that you talk to your doctor also about your vaccinations as well. Some diseases like measles and rubella can be contracted during pregnancy, which can lead to not only miscarriage, but also birth defects. And since one cannot get their vaccination done during pregnancy, you need to sort it out before you get pregnant. 

Blood tests 

It is also vital that you get your blood tests done before trying for a baby, as you might have undetected and undiagnosed health concerns. For example, some of the sexually transmitted infections might not exhibit symptoms, but they have a grave impact on the health of the baby. 

Moreover, blood tests can also help the doctor realize if you have deficiency problems. So, you can then fix your diet and take supplements so that you and the baby can have a safe journey. 

Starting detox 

There are many everyday habits that cannot be continued with during pregnancy. Since you might not know the precise moment when you are pregnant, hence you might unknowingly continue with the harmful practices. 

So, start your detox before you start trying for a baby.  If you are smoking, you need to work on your nicotine addiction, since smoking is generally very bad for health, and especially bad for pregnant women. 

Similarly, you also need to stop consuming alcohol. If you are doing recreational drugs, you also need to stop with them. You also need to detox from other, innocuous things like sugar, the addiction to which is also very real and very dangerous. 

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Take up healthy practices

You should take up healthier practices if you are deciding to have a baby. Fix your sleep since it is imperative to your health. Similarly, start exercising and eating better. Work also on your mental health as well. 

Medication management 

If you are on medication, you should inform your Gynecologist in Karachi about it, so you can manage your conditions whilst having a safe pregnancy. Not all drugs are safe for consumption by pregnant women, but at the same time, you should never stop or moderate your medication yourself either. Let the doctors help you through this process.

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