Proven Tips To Minimize Corporate Espionage In Your Company

Corporate Espionage
Corporate Espionage

Competition in the market is a good thing in a capitalistic world as it pushes businesses to do more and improve their services. However, unhealthy competition can pave the way for malicious and below-the-belt activities. Corporate espionage is a dirty business where one company tries to find the secrets of its competitors by putting their spies in action.

Corporate espionage is not a new thing. Thousands of companies have lost billions of dollars for centuries now because of espionage. If you are leading the market with innovation and technology, you need to follow these tricks to prevent spying eyes from stealing your secret business information. 

  1. Identify The Core Business Information

According to experts, the information most valuable to a business exists in four forms,

  • Paper
  • Visuals
  • Verbal
  • Electronic

Make sure that you know the key secret elements of your business. Whether you have a food joint with a family secret recipe or a tech company with copyright materials, you should identify your risks. 

Once you know the thing that holds the core value to your company, you can devise a plan to protect it from prying eyes. 

  1. Adopt Secure Policies 

Formulate a plan to secure your documents and key assets that hold immense value to your company. You should hire the best IT department to develop a cybersecurity checkpoint for your electronic devices, and for physical forms of data, make sure you know how to keep them safe. 

Make sure that only the most trusted authorities have access to your core information. You should hold meetings in secure chambers, meeting pods would be a better option. 

Your security policy determines how well prepared you are to fight back against spies and how serious you are about securing your important information. 

  1. Test Your Security System

Test and retest your security wall by attacking it from different angles. For instance, to check how strong your cyber security is, you can attack your official website with the latest viruses on the market. This can help you prepare for the potential attacks from actual cyber criminals. 

Similarly, you should make sure that you audit your screening and security system for dining cabinets and other elements that hold business information. 

Preparing yourself and your staff from potential hazards and outsiders can be the only way to avoid attempts of corporate espionage. Make sure your employees are happy with your company, to avoid losing them to competitors. 

  1. Invest In Surveillance System

Your office should be secured with a proper surveillance system. Make sure that all the corners and security checkpoints are properly covered. Invest in the latest technology of CCTV cameras to ensure maximum coverage without increasing too many expenses. 

Your security staff should be vigilant and well-trained. Lazy and uninterested security personnel may often neglect minor security breaches that can result in serious consequences.

Make sure that the security guards you hire and the team responsible for overlooking camera footage are well-trained and vigilant all the time. 

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