Robert Nico Martinelli on The Importance of Tax Planning

Robert Nico Martinelli
Robert Nico Martinelli

When it comes to tax planning for your needs, it assesses a financial plan or a condition that ensures that everything works well to pay the minimum amount of tax applicable. When this plan is made, it reduces the money you pay in the form of taxes, and it is the investor’s financial goals that form the basis of this plan.

Robert Nico Martinelli is an esteemed professional in retirement tax planning. He lives in the USA and helps many people with their tax planning goals. In his opinion, he says that it is important for you to focus on retirement plans and investments that complement the deductions and the status for tax filing for getting the optimal potential result. It encompasses many concerns, and some of the above considerations are the timing of the income, the size of the purchase and the budget you have to make for the other costs.

He says that if one saves with the help of a retirement plan, this results in reduced taxes. For instance, if you contribute to a conventional IRA, this will reduce your gross income by your money. For instance, you can make a contribution of up to $6,000 when you are under the age of 50 years of age, subject that you meet all the required contributions, or you have the option to contribute a maximum amount of $7000 to the IRA, in case you have crossed the age of 50 years of age.

Options for tax planning

Most consumers consider the preparation of taxes to be a technique that assists them to reduce their payment of taxes. However, according to him, there is a common misconception among consumers that considering the preparation of taxes is a way to reduce their payments. It is crucial for them to invest in the proper securities at the right time to attain all their financial goals. The following are the examples of the strategies you can use for tax preparation-

Short-term planning

Investors can resort to short-term planning in an attempt to reduce their tax burdens legally as the financial year draws to a close. This does not need long-term commitments, but it still results in significant tax savings

Long-term planning

Unlike the above, this kind of tax planning is the best when you do it at the beginning of the financial year, as the payer of the tax can stay committed to it during the whole year. At the same time, you should note that long-term tax planning does not offer you tax benefits immediately, but it is beneficial for you in the long term.

Last but not least, according to Robert Nico Martinelli, when it comes to tax planning, always take the advice and the guidance of a good expert, skilled and qualified in the field. This will help you get the customized solutions you need and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

However, you should ensure that you have financial woes during the retirement phase. Most people regret that they did not plan for their retirement properly, and this is where they face problems in the future.

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