Some Important Considerations For QuickBooks Cloud Hosting


QuickBooks software is a versatile accounting application used to perform various accounting tasks such as managing payroll, tracking inventory, sales, transactions, and invoices.

However, the traditional method of installing QuickBooks on the local system poses certain limitations to accounting professionals. These can be anything from the absence of remote access to inefficient file sharing.

A solution to counter these limitations is QB cloud hosting. QuickBooks cloud hosting gives a flexible platform for business accounting needs. All the features of QB are enhanced with the cloud environment so you can easily access files on Hosted VDI and give better security.

Along with that, the cloud is believed to deliver cost-saving benefits as well. However, the correct results come with the thoughtful implementation of technology.

Here are some important considerations for QB cloud hosting that you must take care of before moving to the cloud.

  • Service Level Agreement

Your cloud hosting provider needs to establish a clear contractual relationship document called SLA, stating the minimum level of services that are provided. This document elaborately lists out the uptime assurance, migration support, exit plan, and more.

It is important to read the terms carefully and ensure that your QuickBooks hosting provider is legally bounded to offer the required services and support mentioned in the agreement. The involvement of your team will help in having a clear understanding of the SLA to find the perfect fit.

  • Basic Working of The Cloud

To make the most suitable of any resource, you must understand it first. Go with the same approach when it comes to adopting the cloud for your QuickBooks. Though there is no necessity to master cloud computing, having a basic knowledge of it will help you understand how QB works on the cloud. It means that you will not have to depend on others to guide you in the migration of your QuickBooks software and data to the cloud. If you are already using other cloud-based services, such as – storage or media, things are likely to come easier for you.

  • Reliability of The Hosting Provider

You must have worked on QB for years and mastered accounting with it. Cloud will give a further increase to your skills to pace up the processes. But a wrong selection of cloud service providers might just play spoilsport. Therefore, it is of optimum priority to ensure that your choice of cloud hosting provider is an able player in the market. When selecting the QuickBooks hosting service providers, you must look for-

  • Intuit Authorization
  • Affiliations
  • Experience
  • Round-the-Clock Support
  • SLA-guaranteed Uptime
  • Backup Policy
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  • Impact of Upgrading to Cloud

Once you know how the cloud works, it is time to start analyzing the effect that it will cast on your business. Calculate the various advantages that the cloud will serve specifically for your business.

Put into consideration the number of users that are to be given access to the accounting process, the current IT staff and the number of IT professionals required after the migration to the cloud, and the services or resources that will not be needed after the QB is hosted on the cloud.


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