Teal Swan – The Dangers of Loneliness and Social Isolation

Teal Swan
Teal Swan

Man is a social animal, and being connected with others is food for the soul. Even scientists have proved that man has the basic need for inclusion and the feeling of being appreciated by others. There is evidence that when your social needs are not effectively met, you fall apart both physically and mentally.

 There are adverse effects on both the mind and the body. Some reactions in the body take place subtly, and it is exposed to immense stress hormones. If the issue of loneliness stays unaddressed for a long time, it leads to elevated blood pressure, depression, and in some cases, even suicide.

Teal Swan – Reaching out to those people who are lonely and socially isolated

Teal Swan is a new-age spiritual leader and teacher, well-loved and respected by people across the globe. Besides being a spiritual mentor, she is a best-selling writer and a motivational speaker. She has her own channel on YouTube, where she reaches out to her followers with her spiritual messages.

Reaching out to thousands across the globe

Her teachings are different, and they are very practical to help people curb the negative thought patterns in their lives and bounce back to a meaningful and happy life.

The feeling of completeness

When it comes to the subject of loneliness, people generally feel incomplete inside. They do not feel connected to their inner soul and the people around them. This is very sad, and they lose interest in life. Acute loneliness leads to severe depression, and this triggers suicide.

One can be lonely due to several reasons

One of the biggest reasons for loneliness is the feelings of disconnect with the self. People fail to see or even know what their innate qualities are. Their happiness depends upon others, and loneliness stems when not appreciated or included. Again, some people become lonely after the loss of a spouse or someone dear. This sort of loneliness is different, and here, they should embrace the power of meditation to combat the feelings of fear and anxiety that creep in to make them insecure.

In both these scenarios, people must take steps to connect with themselves to rediscover their worth and purpose in life. They can respond better to situations over negatively react to them.

Teal Swan has many meditation guides and self-help tools on her official website to help people cope with the pangs of loneliness. She has even written a book on the subject and speaks about her revolutionary healing technique called The Completion Process, which is an 18-step process to help people combat loneliness and return to a meaningful and blissful life with success.

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