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The need for Email Hygiene Software in the Corporate World

Email Hygiene Software
Email Hygiene Software

Email hygiene is the practice of removing inactive subscribers from your further marketing ventures. This ensures that only active customers remain on your email list and this makes your email list much healthier. This helps you keep proper email sending habits.

Advantages of email hygiene

If you are not following email hygiene and sending emails to inactive or cold subscribers, your emails will be marked as spam. Following proper email hygiene will ensure that your emails are marked as spam. They also warrant that you are only sending emails to your active or warm subscribers, who are the main target of your marketing.

Recent join-ins are more likely to be false or improper addresses, they just add to your unhealthy email habits and it becomes important to clean your list and remove these addresses. It helps you in creating a warm email list.

What is a warm email list?

This is a list that is composed of the subscribers who have given you permission for email communication. They are the ones who have shown some activity in the past 120 days and are engaging with your emails.

This sounds simple to manage; however, it is difficult to keep track of the activity going on. You find your business list growing, but it is mostly inactive or cold subscribers and your emails are mostly getting marked as spam to your active customers. The engagement becomes very low and it will harm your business. You might even get blacklisted by Email Service Providers (ESPs).

What is a cold email list?

The inactive subscribers or the subscribers with false addresses, who do not show any engagement or activity in the past 120 days comprise the cold email list.

To maintain healthy email habits and to avoid being marked as spam you need to clear out your cold subscribers, this is where your Email hygiene software comes in. This software improves your email deliverability and validates your emails to create a warm list of subscribers.

How does it work?

This software uses email and hygiene verification methods to validate your subscriber’s email addresses. They identify threats like spam-trap, complainers and bots. These threats lead to your company emails being marked as spam and even getting black-listed in a case. Your email marketing suffers a huge blow and this reduces your reliability. This software takes a two-step approach to creating your healthy and warm email list. In the first phase, all your threats like spam traps, complainers and bots are identified and removed. In the second phase, verification processes take place and the inactive subscribers are removed from your email list creating a perfect list.

In conclusion, email marketing is one of the important marketing strategies. The direct threat to email marketing is getting marked as spam which harms your business. Hence it becomes important to track your addresses and engagement which cannot be done easily, hence software can help you in achieving a healthy and warm email list.

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