The scope of personal care: Here’s a quick overview

personal care

Chronic illnesses, age-related diseases & concerns, and injuries may prevent patients from living a normal life. Watching a loved one struggle with the regular chores is not easy, which is precisely why you need to think of practical solutions. You may have the intention of helping them, but given that you have your share of responsibilities, it can be hard to balance things. In such times, you can consider using Philadelphia personal health care services. People often don’t understand the scope of personal care, and in this post, we are discussing the simple aspects.

What is personal care?

In simple words, personal care refers to providing support for a person who cannot care for themselves for a reason. This could be a case of losing memory with time, which is common for many seniors or just recovering from an injury or trauma. A personal care plan is designed to offer the best possible care to the individual, and every aspect of it is customized. There are agencies in Philadelphia that offer home health and per sonal care aides for those in need and ensure that the family of the person has the assistance they need.

Reviewing pers onal care options

There are different types of personal care options, including –

  • Live in Care: If a patient cannot live alone or has no one around them to care for their needs. This could be the option for them. The caregiver lives with the person and ensures that they have continuous support. Knowing that a trained personal care professional is caring for your loved one in your absence could be a huge relief.
  • Visiting Care: As the name indicates. The healthcare professional will visit the patient for a number of hours and help with certain things as required. Usually. Visiting caregivers don’t work for just one patient and will come at the time assigned each day. People recovering from an injury or with disabilities may not want to go to a care facility, and for them. This is the best way to remain independent and get help when needed.
  • Elderly Care: Many seniors have reservations about moving to a nursing home. Personal care is available for those over 65. Which may mean special care for those who have Parkinson’s, dementia. Or arthritis.
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If you still have questions, consider talking to a known and reliable agency to know what their caregivers can do for your loved one.

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