Top Reasons Why Pests Love Your Basement!

Pests Love

If you often read blogs on Pests Love control on the Internet, you may notice that many of them mention basement pests. No matter what kind of pest you might be reading about, it is bound to love the basement area. This is because the basement is the favorite spot for many pests due to the provided darkness and humidity. 

The boxes in the basement make things worse. They make the space more attractive for pests to build homes and get the shelter they need. All these factors make the basement a perfect home for pesky critters. If you are fed up with your basement filled with pests, look at College Station pest control plans today. 

Top reasons why pests love your basement 

  • Ease of access. 

Your home’s basement is the easiest way for a pest to enter your property. Basements are built underground, so crawling insects can easily find their way through them. Most pests invade homes through the basements more than any other part of a house. There are several entry points, such as gaps around utility lines, insulation holes, ground-level window openings, etc. In fact, some pests invade homes unintentionally through basements. 

Pay special attention to the gaps, cracks, and holes in and around your basement. If carpenter ants or termites find their way in, you could be looking at great structural damage. 

  • Darkness. 

Bugs love darkness because it helps them move around freely. Pests love hiding, and it is a part of their survival strategy. The more they stay hidden from humans and other prey, the longer their life is. Most pests avoid being in open and bright areas where they can be easily spotted. They especially hide during mating and laying eggs. 

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Bugs love basements because they provide them with the darkness they love. They can move about freely, mate, breed, look for food, and stay hidden from prey. 

  • Moisture. 

Just like humans need water for their survival, so do pests. Pests need moisture to quench their thirst, and basements provide that. Bugs and rodents do not require a lot of water, and basements have just the right amount of moisture. The space is usually cooler and damper compared to other parts of the house. 

Humidity can cause condensation on your glass windows and pipes. Even the slightest amount of moisture can invite thirsty bugs and rodents. 

If you are dealing with a bug infestation, it is always recommended to leave the job to experts in College Station. Even if you only see a few of them, it is still important to conduct an inspection to be safe. 

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