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Rehabilitation Centres
Rehabilitation Centres

Admitting that you need treatment for substance misuse, addiction, or alcoholism is a challenging step in the recovery process. People who are addicted to drugs or suffer from substance abuse disorders may often go to great lengths to avoid obtaining treatment. Family members and friends frequently provide reasons or rationalizations for drug and alcohol usage, as well as the actions that promote it. Addicts and alcoholics have a plethora of justifications for why their conduct is acceptable, why their usage is under control, and why they don’t require assistance to quit.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to detect certain indicators that may suggest that someone need drug rehab therapy for addiction. Again, drug treatment at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai may take various forms, and here are 10 questions that someone suffering from substance misuse might ask themselves to determine whether or not they require drug and alcohol rehab.

When you try to quit using, do you experience withdrawal symptoms?

Physical withdrawal is the most prevalent type. In these cases, a medically supervised detox is usually required. Physical withdrawal symptoms are experienced by opiates addicts such as heroin, OxyContin, and Percocet. Alcohol combined with benzodiazepines like Xanax can produce fatal withdrawal symptoms if not handled properly.

Have you advanced beyond “partying” to using and consuming drugs or alcohol on your own?

Most addicts begin in the same manner that everyone else does: in fun, party-like settings with friends, but eventually find themselves using and drinking alone in depression.

Is it necessary to use more to achieve the same impact as before?

This applies to all substances. When you used to be able to take one OxyContin and fall asleep, you’ve progressed to the point where one OxyContin only makes you feel normal, and you need many more to fall asleep? Does a single drink not have the same effect on you as it did some years ago?

Do you have a different reaction to drugs than other people, or do drugs and alcohol cause you to respond in ways that aren’t intended?

Many persons who have a substance addiction issue react to substances in the opposite way that most people do. Is it true that a stimulant like cocaine makes you calmer and more level-headed? Is it true that heroin awakens you up rather than making you nod off after a while? Yes Is it true that alcohol, a depressant, gives you energy?

Are you experiencing negative repercussions as a result of your drug or alcohol use?

Have you been laid off? Have your pals shied away from you as a result of your behavior? Are you having trouble saving money? Is your relationship overdue for your substance abuse or bad habits?

Do you have a growing number of health issues?

Have you ever had a problem with your liver? What is the state of your heart? Is it better to acquire or lose a lot of weight? Do you have issues with your skin or teeth? Have you noticed that your hygiene or grooming habits have deteriorated?

If you responded yes to several of these questions, you may consider seeking treatment in a substance addiction treatment program or Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai. There are many various types of treatment and degrees of care available, but if you identify with many of the answers to these questions, please get help.

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