What are the benefits of mobile van advertising?

mobile van
mobile van

What is mobile van advertising? 

Mobile van advertising involves vehicles that are designed for advertisement purposes to promote a product or a brand, using fixtures that hold advertisement panels that can be used for placing the poster of the product. 

Advertising vans are designed specifically for promotional purposes only. They come along with the picture screens that hold the advertisement panels. These vans move across the city or park at locations in highly crowded areas like near shopping malls, schools, coaching centers, etc.

What are the benefits of mobile van advertising?

When you see a vehicle parked at some crowded place, like a mall’s market entrance gate, with creative decorative posters and LED posters advertising some products or brands, it hits your mind: what should they be doing? What kind of promotion or advertising do they do with these led posters? We always have a curiosity to find out what it is, and just having that first look or the one look of a consumer can make or break an advertising campaign. 

Other promotion mediums, such as radio or TV, that interrupt the audience when presenting an ad, such as mobile vans, communicate and mark their presence in a subtle manner. Mobile van advertising communicates with consumers through its physical evidence.

Hyper-local advertising:

Mobile van advertising is an advertising technique by which advertisers try to convey the brand message in a subtle and impactful way or to create awareness of a brand or a product. 

You can take your brand to the local areas and even the rural areas when no other advertising medium can reach them. With its help, you can create awareness about the product and brand as well.

Loud and clear:

Mobile vans are always a good medium for promotion or advertising, and they have good techniques. This mobile van advertising is loud and clear and is a good source of creating awareness about the product and brand using an LCD panel vehicle. It can also target the audience and attract them to the advertising service. 

For example, when the van moves, it will take your advertisement with it, resulting in mass reach and greater visibility to the public or consumers. It’s loud and clear, and with the large size of the advertising panels on big-sized vehicles, it cannot go unnoticed.


Mobile van advertising can be used for advertising purposes such as branding. It is used for the promotion of products and services.

It is also used by some government sectors to create awareness and attract people to their services and products. For example, blood donation camps use the mobile van for advertising. In the case of promoting an event launch, the Vans can also be turned into a live stage.


Mobile van advertising offers a huge package that includes better visibility using LCD panels for branding. It reaches a larger number of people in the community and is less expensive than other forms of advertising. It helps to create awareness about the brand product and also increases the goodwill of the company. 

These vans serve two functions: first, they serve as service delivery vans, and second, they promote the brand.

How much does a cost-mobile van advertise on rent?

The method can be used to promote the products or services of any type of company, whether it is a fast-moving company or a well-established company, and it is gaining popularity these days. For example, one vehicle can generate 17,000 to 30,000 impressions daily.

The van for rent is also known as a “mobile billboard,” which is used for advertising products using LCD panels and speakers that attract people. The vehicles are for advertising and promotion of a product or service. It creates awareness and brand visibility. It is a cheaper way to advertise a product in a short amount of time.

Cost of Mobile Van Advertising-

Renting a mobile van starts from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 a day according to the services they provide, including sound system promoters.

It starts at Rs 5000 a day and it may vary from location to location on average.

Wrapping Up:

Mobile van advertising has proven to have the lowest cost per impression as compared to any other type of advertising. The best part about mobile van branding is that the brand gets the opportunity to pick the regions where it needs to promote its business. Mobile van advertising in Chandigarh provides the best advertising providers in India. You can get the best advertising rates for mobile van ads in all major cities in India. Your brand will reach targeted areas at your convenience. 


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