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Wordle of the Day

Finally, the new day has risen, and it is Saturday. Wordle of the Day People are enjoying their weekends. Wordle of the Day

Like every single day, the New York Times has released a new Wordle of the day on their website where you can play this word game. 

Wordle of the day has taken the word games trend to the next level, and people have been enjoying it since its launch without feeling bored. 

It has become an integral part of many people’s morning routine. They wake up daily and play the game after necessary things, sometimes even before than that. 

Playing this game and sharing results online has become an online culture in many cities. 

In this post, you will get to know 6 interesting facts about the Wordle game and Today’s Wordle word of the Day.

Was the Wordle game developed as a Gift?

Josh Wardle developed the Word game as a gift to his lovely partner, Palak Shah. She loves crossword games revealed by her husband while talking to the New York Times. 

It went viral from the beginning of November 2021 to May 2022 and has seen tremendous growth from 90 players to 300,000 daily players. 

By seeing marvellous growth, developer Wardle explained its appeal. He said, “I think people kind of appreciate that there’s an online thing which is just fun. It’s nothing to do with your data and not damaging your eyeballs. It is just a simple game this’s fun.”

Is Wordle becoming harder?

Wordle has become easier with time; yes, you read it right. As we know, it is the same old Wordle game with minimal addition of some harder words from the original list of Wardle. 

If you want, you can always play its harder version by switching to hard mode, which means you wouldn’t be able to guess new words that don’t include already confirmed letters.

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How to start playing Wordle?

To play this game, you have to follow certain simple steps: 

  • Open the New York Times website, go to the games section, and choose Wordle. 
  • You will get six chances to guess the word of the day. 
  • You can only submit five-letter words. First, type the word and click the “Enter” key on the keyboard to submit your word. 
  • Three different colours are used for tiles depending upon your letter arrangement. Green tile means you have placed the right letter in the right spot. The yellow colour indicates that you have chosen the right letter but placed it on the wrong spot, and the grey tile means you need to work on both the selection and placement of letters. 
  • Can we play Wordle more than once a day? 

There are many pro players, for them one Wordle game isn’t enough, and they want to play more in a day. 

We are bringing a hack that requires them to follow certain steps. By doing so, they can play tomorrow’s game in advance. 

If you have an iPhone 

In case you are an iPhone user, then you would require to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Open settings and go to the general section 
  • Change “Date and Time” settings by not allowing for automatic update ● Now select the date of the next day on your phone and set it ● Open New York Times website to play the Wordle game in advance
  • After playing the game, reset your timing settings by allowing an automatic update. 

For android and other smartphone users 

They can follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Open settings and search Date & time in the search bar and select this setting option. 
  • Untick “automatic time update by network” to adjust the date and set the upcoming date. 
  • Now go to the New York Times website to enjoy your Wordle game in advance.
  • Is Wordle good for mental exercise?
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Unlike other online games, Wordle has health benefits too. One of the best things about Wordle is that along with enjoyment, it’s also good for our mental health. 

It makes players think in different directions, which sharpens our mental skills.

How to play Wordle like a pro player? 

We all play Wordle and somehow we have developed our strategy based on our experience. But, some players guess Wordle word of the day right every time. 

Eventually, only the developer is aware of what the word will be. But how do some players always perform better than the rest? 

People who can analyse language patterns give themselves an upper hand because some patterns are common in this game. 

Language follows a particular pattern, as we can observe that some letters are common. In contrast, others are rare, mostly the Initial words are common. 

You can excel in words if you have good knowledge and understanding of five-letter words. It is ok to struggle sometimes but shouldn’t frequently. 

Some players use tools or bots to resolve Wordle puzzles; it allows them to focus on particular letters and exclude other letters from the search.

Now you have an answer to why some players excel every time and guess the Wordle word of the always right. 

Wordle word of the day 

A new day has arrived and brings a new Wordle puzzle. Like any other day, New York Times has launched Wordle 329 for May 14. To win this game, you will have to guess a word that contains five letters. 

To find the word of the day, you only have six attempts. Couldn’t you find the right word on your own and looking for hints and answers? Congrats, you landed on the right page. 

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We have gathered all the hints and answers for you in one place now. First, you need to read all the hints carefully and try to guess the word. 

Hints for today’s Wordle word of the day 

Usually, Wordle sets not-so-hard five-letter words as the word of the day, which regular players can easily guess in two or three attempts. 

Still, sometimes, they play with players’ minds and set hard words as the word of the day, which leads them to look at each other’s faces. 

If you aren’t able to guess the word of the day at the first attempt, read the below-mentioned hints to get direction: 

  • The word of the day is made by using three non-vowel words. ● Today’s Wordle’s answer starts with the letter “M” and ends with the letter “L”. 
  • It is a solid thing used in making multiple items for different industries. ● It is popularly used in detection operations to activate detection machines. 

Wordle Word of the day for May 14 

After reading all the hints, first, you should try to guess today’s word. If your struggle remains the same, don’t worry; we will help you out. 

The Final Answer is “Metal.”

It has five letters and perfectly matches our hints. Let us know if you guessed it correctly or not. 

Last five days, answers 

Do you know that you can also play past Wordle games through archive websites? In case you are going to play past Wordle games, we are sharing the data of the last five answers to help you out. 

The Wordle 328 answer was “TIPSY,” and the answer for 327 was “SLUNG.” The answer for 326 Puzzle was “FARCE,” and the Wordle word of the day for 325 Puzzle was GECKO. Lastly, Wordle edition 324 answer was FETUS.

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