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Why Choose Online Volunteering and Volunteer Organizations in India?

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Volunteering that takes place over the Internet or on another Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or a computer, is known as virtual volunteering or online volunteering. Volunteers in India can contribute to a cause without physically being present at an NGO office or in their community by transcending geographical and manufactured divides. 

Key benefits of online volunteering in India include:

  • Work from the convenience of your own home, office, or college campus, or while traveling.
  • Use the gadget with which you are most familiar – your own.
  • It’s all in your hands: safety, security, and convenience.
  • Because virtual volunteering primarily utilizes your skills, the impact generally lasts longer.

Certain Indian Volunteer Organizations You Should Know About 

Connecting a volunteer organization in India and contributing to the improvement of society can be an illuminating experience. Here is the list of the certain volunteer organizations in India :

Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army’s motto is “Food for All.” This organization works to offer food to everyone in India and to address the issue of food scarcity. Volunteers are needed to collect food from restaurants and deliver it to those in need at night shelters, homeless families, orphanages, and patients at public hospitals. Also, this organization works to offer education to everyone in India.

HelpAge India

In India, many senior individuals have no one to care for them. They don’t have their health care facilities or anyone they’re talking to. The organization in India is also working against elder abuse, with the help of the state and the federal authorities. You can spend time with senior citizens to make them feel cherished and joyful.

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CRY (Child Rights and You)

The cry has been fighting for children’s rights for more than three decades, believing that every kid has the right to a childhood. The charity rescues orphaned or neglected children and allows them to receive justice. They work on issues including child marriage, child trafficking, child labor, poverty, malnutrition, child girls, education, and illiteracy, among others.

Teach for India

Are you a good teacher? Teach for India has several teaching centers across the country where you may put your teaching abilities to good use and help to educate and inform India’s future generations.

Human Wave

Human Wave is a community development organization based in Kolkata that performs numerous healthcare programs around West Bengal. Even in the state capital, they run youth projects and various volunteer programs in the Sundarbans. You can either volunteer for two weeks or stay for three months. 

The Final Word

The volunteer organization in India is something we do entirely out of a desire to give back. Besides that, you may now make a difference in the world and contribute simply by having access to the internet. In India, we provide a wide range of relevant programs, cultural exchange programs, internships, and gap year programs. 

Online volunteering in India offers safe, cheap, and rewarding volunteer opportunities. Working with orphans, women empowerment programs, healthcare/medical internship programs, teaching English, summer volunteer programs, and street children programs are just a few of the activities we provide.

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