Why moksh dham delhi is famous?

moksh dham delhi
moksh dham delhi

The moksh dham delhi or known as the Shri Moksh Dham temple has many historical pieces of evidence which made the temple more popular. Along with the temple, it has cremation ground and most of the local dwellers know about this place due to the cremation practices.

However, this temple is purely a Hindu mythological temple where it is said that some of the incidents of Mahabharata have taken place. It is believed that Bhim’s wife Hidimba gave birth to their son Ghatotkach at the Moksh Dham temple. The temple is situated at the Loni, Ghaziabad which is about 10 km from the Delhi border. So, in this article, some of the facts of the temple are listed below:

  1. The temple has much Hindu artistic resilience.
  2. Many ceremonials can be done.
  3. Devotees can reach the Moksh Dham Temple by any means of transport.
  4. Attractive replicas of famous temples can be seen.
  5. The Dham is also known as the Sheetla Mata temple.


Well, for any kind of ceremonial practice, one can contact the authority of the temple through the moksh dham delhi contact number. So, here are the following details about the facts of the famous ghat situated in Delhi:

  • The temple has much Hindu artistic resilience

The Shri Moksh Dham temple is all about Hindu artistic resilience. Manu Hindu deity’s statues and artwork can be seen inside the temples which made the temple more popular in the upcoming days.

  • Many ceremonials can be done

Since the temple is a Hindu temple, any kind of pujas can be done inside the temple. There are many caves in the temples which tell stories about the deities and some to describe some incidents of Mahabharata.


  • Devotees can reach the Moksh Dham Temple by any means of transport

To visit, the famous temple in Delhi, any means of transport can be chosen. By road or by rail, the devotees can come to seek their blessings by any means. Thus, it can be said, there are no communication or transportation issues.


  • Attractive replicas of famous temples can be seen

The Moksh Dham temple has replicas of famous temples such as the Shettle Mata temple, Vaishno Devi temple, Sai Baba temple, Giriraj temple, etc. this is the main reason behind the popularity of this temple.


  • The Dham is also known as the Sheetla Mata temple

It is seen that the locals called the Moksh Dham temple as Sheetla Mata temple. It is also believed that Sheetla Deity fulfills devotees’ wishes and gives them ample blessings.

Not only the temple has story carvings of Mahabharata, but it also depicts the life of Vishnu, Krishna, and stories of some other mythological deities. The temple is also famous for twelve Jyoti linga resonated to Lord Vishnu.

Wrapping up


Every temple in India has some stories to tell and so does the Moksh Dham temple in Delhi. Knowing the facts about any place make it more interesting. So, the above-mentioned are some of the well-known facts believed by the locals. However, it is also seen that the temple authority has taken care of the cleanliness of the temple which is impressive. Thus, if any devotee wants to perform offerings or pujas, one can call the moksh dham delh contact number.

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