Why You Should Use Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

These accessories are made from human hair. They vary in length and color, but they all share the same characteristic: Hair Extensions they are all made by hand and last longer. Since they are sewn with hands, to keep it secure at all times, the weft must first be cut to the length you desire before being wrapped in knots to keep it secure at all times.

You must use heat and a bonding agent for the best holding power when fastening them to your locks. This extension is typically placed at the back or on top of the natural head, where there is more space for them.

Benefits Of Hand-Tied Extensions


  • They Give A Natural Look.

As you know, in hand-tied extensions, all the wefts are attached via hands; that is why the wefts lay flat on your head and resemble natural hair. They are connected in numerous locations, making them less likely to slip out. Additionally, because the individual strands are smaller and thinner, they match your natural texture better. It produces a more authentic appearance that is less likely to be mistaken for fake.

  • They Are Easy To Maintain

The best part about these accessories is that they are low maintenance. They need the least amount of maintenance. You do not have to stress about taking them out to clean; you can take care of them just like you would your hair. All you need to do is be gentle. You can use shampoo to clean it, but you should always opt for a high-quality brand. Additionally, you can use conditioner because it will be simpler to comb through all of the hair than to go through all the knots and rip your strands out. Moreover, since it barely stands out, you can style it however you like.

  • They Support Different Hairstyles.

The best part of these attachments is that you can style your hair differently. You can wear your hair down, up in a ponytail, or even in a bun. These extensions are so well-liked because of their flexibility, and they are an excellent option if you’re seeking a versatile option.

  • They Are Highly Durable.

With the proper maintenance, the extensions can last up to six months. However, you must refrain from applying too much heat to your hair if you want them to last longer. Furthermore, you must use natural products on your hair and avoid products that are high in sulfates. There are several shampoos, conditioners, and hair products available that are made specifically for extensions.

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Also, remember if you decide to take your extensions out, do it cautiously and slowly.


Hand-tied extensions are undetectable, andIf you have always wanted long luscious lengths but cannot get them naturally, or if you had a haircut and didn’t like the growing out stage, there is a perfect solution for you: hand tied extensions! 

These extensions work precisely as their name suggests; each strand or weft is attached individually to pre-existing beads. With these extensions, you will get the right length, thickness, volume, and fullness. They mix well with the hair, don’t need a remover, do not leave any residue after being taken out, and offer several benefits. 

 they provide a very natural-looking appearance. The added advantage is that they don’t have to be the exact same color as your natural hair. They are highly flexible, and you may wear them in any style, just like your natural hair.

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