Women’s ethnic wear: The beauty that never disappoints


Without women ethnic wear, a wardrobe can never be called fully stocked. Ethnic clothing is infinitely feminine and rich, and it enhances a woman’s beauty unlike anything else. While wearing traditional Indian clothing may not be appropriate for every occasion or function, weddings unquestionably demand for their unrestrained grace and grandeur. 

Like any other sort of apparel, Indian women ethnic wear has undergone a number of changes over time to become better and superior.

Some women ethnic wear for the wedding season

  • Sharara Set: A sharara set consists of a short Kurti and a pair of flared pants and exudes an alluringly regal charm. Shararas, which were once worn by royalty, can be lace-adorned, block-printed, zari-embellished, embroidered, or they can just have some subtle mirror work. Even though there are many different colours available, it is best to choose vivid reds, yellows, and pinks for weddings and other special occasions. The dupatta is optional when wearing the women ethnic wear.


  • Embellished Skirt: A basic piece of women ethnic wear worldwide, the maxi skirt is adorably, definitely feminine with its unmistakable swish and swirl. Lehenga, Ghaghra, Langa, and paavadai are some examples of traditional Indian women ethnic wear skirts. However, modern incarnations are more understated, frequently only showcasing a little amount of gota-kinari work, zari embroidery, or artisanal prints like ikkat, bandhani, batik, and kalamkari. Make sure you have that one unique skirt for extra-special events, then choose your style and design.


  • Velvet Kurta: During this season of weddings, consider investing in a chic velvet kurta. Velvet is the ideal fabric for women ethnic wear during the mild Indian winters because of its warmth, but it is also the best choice for wearing to weddings and other formal occasions because of its gleaming sheen. A solid velvet kurta in vivid maroon or silver can be a statement-making piece of women ethnic wear on its own thanks to its unmistakably rich and royal aura. However, if you wanted to be a little fancier, you could opt for velvet kurtas that had tilla and sequin embroidery.
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  • Scalloped Dupatta:

  • A scalloped dupatta, in contrast to a conventional drape, has an edge that has scallops or curves. This dupatta, with its wonderfully delicate appearance, is a remarkable piece of women ethnic wear in and of itself, even if it is a necessary component of a bigger ensemble. Get a scalloped dupatta in tulle, organza, chiffon, net, or even cotton voile. If your suit set is printed or embroidered, use a solid scalloped dupatta; the opposite is true. Play up the contrast of colours when matching for a striking appearance.


  • Embroidered Jacket: An elegantly embroidered quilted jacket might advance the practise of layering. It completes your style and adds a touch of ultimate refinement whether you wear it with a skirt and blouse, sari, or even a suit outfit. For formal occasions like weddings, a bomber or kimono-style silk or velvet jacket is ideal women ethnic wear. The needlework styles zari, kantha, and Kashmiri ari are all suitable options. For those who want subtlety, there are block-printed jackets with ajrakh, dabu, and batik embroidery.


  • Brocade pants: Disrupt ethnic clothing norms by drawing attention to your lower body. And what better way to accomplish this than with a pair of gorgeous Benarasi brocade pants? Benarasi brocade cigarette pants, palazzos, or straight trousers require relatively little further ornamentation due to their endless glitz and luxury. It should be sufficient to wear a simple black, white, or silver shirt as a women ethnic wear. Embrace over-the-top bling by wearing colours that are shamelessly bright and bold, such as peacock blue, fuchsia pink, lime green, neon purple, and the like.
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When it comes to styling ethnic women’s clothing, the options are practically endless. The goal is to always push the envelope and come up with trending ideas during weddings.

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